Gun cabinets will keep your entire firearms safe from damage and from the guns getting into the wrong hands.

Gun Safe or Gun Cabinet

January 6th, 2010

Gun Safe or Gun Cabinet

The way things are today how do I keep the investment of my firearms safe and secure? First ask yourself what are the chances that someone will break into my home? I know that right after I write this and you read it that breaking news on TV will be how someone home in the city next you had their home broken in to. Even with that said I Keep my home locked up that best that I can and feel confident that if a thief really wants in he is in I am not going to make it easy for them but other than have someone on guard twenty four seven. I feel safe in my own home and area.

Even though I feel this way in my home I have two types of gun storage in my home. I have a wooden gun cabinet in the den that the rifles, shotguns, pistols and other firearms that I use often are kept there. In a Wooden cabinet with elaborate etched door so that when you walk by it catches our eye to look at the gun cabinet and gives me a chance to unlock the doors and pull off a piece of finely crafted work of steel and wood, be it The 458 single shot rifle that my nephew made in Wyoming or the Old side by side that I hunt pheasant with in Iowa, it is nice to know that I can have them close at hand. The house is locked and the Gun Cabinet is Locked and the neighbors all know that a there more than one gun in that house. So if you are breaking in to steal something or one of MY GUN’s you better make sure that I or any of my family is not home. Anyway that is another Post or article down the road.

Those guns are all safe in the Wooden Gun Cabinet in my den. Good manufactures’ of wooden gun cabinets are: American Gun Cabinet, Sedona Gun Cabinet, American Furniture and Scout Products to name a few.

I stated that I have two gun storage systems in my home the other is a Gun Safe. I have that hidden gun storage in my master bedroom closet. I would devastated if any of the guns in the gun cabinet came up missing  so the guns that are irreplaceable I keep in the gun safe. We also keep other irreplaceable item in the Gun Safe as well Passports, deeds, birth certificates and my wife’s great grandmother’s jewelry.  There is something you cannot replace. I could go out and buy a new 54 cal Hawkins but it in no way replace the Hawkins that my farther given to me to deer hunt with it would be a 54 cal rifle how can you out a value of some things it was given to my freely.

These items are safe in my Gun Safe Locked in my home, hidden in the master bedroom and locked in a gun safe. Good manufactures’ of Gun Safes are:  Liberty Safe, Sentry Gun Safe, Browning Company and Cannon Safe to name a few.

Buying Gun Safes or Wooden Gun Cabinet online or shopping at a sporting goods store can be done look up some of related resources at this site you will find some great place to purchase your next gun cabinet or gun safe.

Hidden Wood Gun Cabinet

October 10th, 2009

Hidden Gun Cabinets      

For addition gun security a display case that doubles as a hidden gun cabinet. This curio cabinet is designed to add the touch of class or style to the living room or den in your home.

hidden gun cabinet

You can display your small family heirloom, those hard to find antiques that you have spent years searching for or your wife’s knick-knack that she wants the world to see her Hummel collection. The hidden gun cabinets that I recommend are made of wood Oak, Walnut, stained or natural. Best conceal that built inside this curio, knick-knack cabinet is a Gun storage section hidden from onlookers of novelty items being displayed.                                            

There are many different styles of hidden gun storage system.  The curio cabinet we have already discussed, the built behind the book case in the wall, behind storage closet at the end of the hallway or a hidden room is a few other ideas of way to conceal your guns in your home. All of these ideas and more can be GOOGLE and found on the internet.

Another hidden gun cabinet that I have found that can be displayed in your home, den or office is the ingeniously concealed gun cabinet in a well designed bookcase. To show off your hidden gun collection, unlock and swing open the single or double doors to you person gun exhibit.  Making it so difficult to detect as a gun cabinet that most people would not know that it is where you are storing your firearms and typical burglar would just walk by or take what was on the book shelf not knowing what was behind or inside the book library shelf. Glass door can also be added to the front of you book case or library to protect the collectable books, knick-knack or any item that you want dust free. Concealing even more that the on looker is also unknowingly looking at a Gun cabinet as well.

Double Library             hidden gun cabinet double library I                       Double door

In today’s state of wanting to be politically correct and secure in your own home, if you feel that you want to have your shotguns, rifles, pistols or any other firearm in your home but, out of site, then have a hidden gun cabinet that accents your home and keeps your firearms safe and the safety of your family as well is the choose for you.

Wooden Gun Cabinet

September 7th, 2009

 Wooden Gun Cabinet

If you are looking for something that would become a family heirloom then purchasing a hand crafted with fine furniture finishes, selected grade Cherry, Oak or Walnut hardwoods with attention to quality and details a must. Fill that with a life time of firearm that you purchased and you would have a beautiful family heirloom to pass on to your sons, grandsons and hopefully great grandson’s some day.

 As beautiful as these gun cabinets are and made of sturdy wood to securely hold your rifles, shotguns and pistols they are an attractive alternative to a metal gun safe. Even though they are less secure than most gun safe, an elegant wooden gun cabinet can provide efficient protection in keeping your firearms out of unauthorized persons. That unauthorized person being the tiny hands of a child or a would be thief that only wants to do a snatch and grab. Your wooden cabinet will still allow you to show off your favorite rifle or shotgun in an atmosphere full of testosterone in your trophy room or den.

         gun cabinet


I know when I was still wet behind the ears that when we would go and visit Uncle Jim’s it would not be long until the “men folk” would somehow be all gather around in the den, gazing at the rifles, shotguns, over-under and double barrels in his Solid Oak Wooden Gun Cabinet that his dad made. Then the talk would turn to the best hunts, the longest shots made and the best camaraderie ever formed even to this day.

There are question to consider when shopping for a Wooden Gun Cabinet. Do you want smoked glass doors or extraordinarily beautiful etching on the glass? What type wood will match the room that you are going to place the cabinet in cherry, natural oak, dark oak, walnut, ash, natural pine or stained pine? Brand names to consider American Furniture Classics, Scout Gun, and Japer Cabinet or will you build it yourself.

How much capacity will you need not only for the guns that you have now four to five or ten to twelve but, chances are that your collection will grow in the coming years especially when your son or grandson  or sons come of age. You may need a cabinet that features shelves or display areas for pistols, knives or old arrowheads.

It is recommended that storing the guns and ammunition separately will help prevent accidental firing a gun causing an injury or fatality. Locking the gun cabinet with a different lock in the storage area from the glass doors of the firearms area would help with that issue.